Dr. Nicolas Rößler, LL.M. (Notre Dame) - Rechtsanwalt
Dr. Nicolas Rößler, LL.M. (Notre Dame) - Rechtsanwalt

An Experienced Labor Lawyer

Nicolas "Nick" Rößler has been practicing as lawyer since 2004. Until 2017, he has been a partner in the German Employment & Benefits practice of a leading US business law firm.
Since mid 2017 he is the Country Manager Germany, Labor Director and VP of law Europe of a US chemical industry company.  Nick earned a Master of Laws degree cum laude from University of Notre Dame.
From 2020 to 2022 Nick chaired the Supervisory Board of a German Pensionskasse. Since 2022 he is the chairan of the Supervisoy Board of Albemarle Germany GmbH.
Nick's practice focuses on the advice and representation of national and international clients in all areas of individual and collective employment and benefits law. He is most respected for his expertise in connection with the set-up, administration and restructuring of benefit and pension plans on a national as well as on an international level. Another focus of his activities is advising senior management members on employment contracts, exits as well as statutory and fiduciary duties. Given his experience as an inhouse attorney, Nick benefits from rich and broad experience in multiple areas of law beyond employment and labor. He always pursues a business-minded and solution-oriented approach.

Nick has repeatedly been named a leading lawyer for matters concerning occupational pension plans in Germany. Here, the implementation of funding mechanism for pension plans, such as the set up of German pension funds or Contractual Trust Arrangements (CTA) are at the center of his expertise.
Nick also regularly advises clients on restructurings and M&A transactions, including cross-border transactions and joint ventures; here his clients included international corporations such as Unilever, EADS, Akzo Nobel, WFS and Hanergy. Nick regularly represents employers, senior management members as well as pension funds in courts of all levels. Frequently he handles mass actions in pensions matters. He has also gained signiifcant experience in civil  court proceedings.

Nick has advised a large number of companies on the planning and implementation of restructuring of their workforces (e.g. in post M&A integrations). The representation of employers in negotiations with works councils and unions is at the center of his activities. He has  also handled the co-determination issues in the set-up of a European Stock Corporation (Societas Europaea). The negotiation of complex commercial contracts is alos at the core of his expertise.

Nick is a regular speaker on employment and pensions law topics at national and international seminars and conferences. He is the author of numerous journal articles and textbooks and is cited in decisions of the highest German courts as well as by scholars and practitioners in their publications. Nick has also lectured at King’s College School of Law in London on European Employment Law and has served as an expert advisor on a legislative initiative to the parliament of the State of Hesse.



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